Whimsy in the Desert

Research the Chott El Jerid in the Saharan expanse of southern Tunisia, and you’ll discover a lot of interesting facts. It’s a desert of salt in the summer, when the limited supply of water dries up completely and leaves only a vast crusty surface. It was one of the many local settings used in the Star Wars franchise – perhaps the “Lars Homestead” will resonate with the movies’ fans. It figured in the last published work of Jules Verne, set in the distant future of 1930. Finally, the similarity of its sodium chloride deposits to those discovered on Mars have made it an important area for study by planetary scientists.

What you won’t anticipate, however, is the whimsy of the inhabitants (whoever they might be…) :

The Transportation

The Accommodations

The Accommodations

The Sights

The Sights

The Facilities

The Facilities

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