Miles and Miles of Mongolia

In response to the question “How was Mongolia?” there is only one adjective that comes to mind, pushing all other qualifiers out of contention: vast. The extent of the vastness can only be appreciated once you leave the capital of Ulaanbaatar and realize that you will be spending hours and hours, day after day, traversing huge distances in a rugged and bumpy vehicle, relying on GPS to guide you through roadless and unvarying landscapes.

Among this vastness you will see the country’s justly renowned sights, to wit:

The Monastery Complex at Erdene

The Monastery Complex at Erdene Zuu

The Flaming Cliffs

The Flaming Cliffs

DSCN7208 copy

The Wild Takhi Horses


But meanwhile there is no denying that the days are long, the challenges of the road are many, and the novelty of the occasional settlement or camel herd is apt to wear thin. So while in Mongolia I found that the best strategy is to embrace the unexpected, and delight in the fact that you are in a country where:

There are vegan karaoke bars:


DSCN7176 copy


There are monuments to phalluses:



Angels perch atop baroque silver fountains at the edge of the desert:



The bartender at your ger camp is always ready to serve:

DSCN7469 copy


Genghis Khan (or at least his boot) still stands tall after eight centuries:



And museum placards leave you really wanting to know what else is registered in the Red Book of Mongolia…


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2 Responses to Miles and Miles of Mongolia

  1. tooruichii says:

    Really appreciate the posts like this, about not so popular travel destinations.

  2. joyrobin says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, tooruichii – hope you can visit someday!

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