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Here We Go Again

  Today I rummaged around until I found a 2008 Obama for President campaign button, and proudly affixed it to my battered day pack. No repeat of the Bush years for me – I want to deflect as much awkwardness as possible when … Continue reading

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Poetry Interlude: Departure

  My bags are packed and sitting by the door. The car awaits. Whether the destination is Kalamazoo or Kuala Lumpur,  I pass through my house in silent reflection Visiting each room Grateful for our common experience Thankful for the people who … Continue reading

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Reconciliation: For Bosnia

  In a week that saw both the forty-year sentence handed down to Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic for his role in the massacre at Srebrenica, and the decision of Bosnian Serb authorities to name a school building in his honor, I was moved … Continue reading

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Travel Moment: Slovenian Spiral

Sometimes you can visit a country justly renowned for the beauty of its mountains, lakes, and castles and when you get home your favorite picture was taken at your hotel… Ljubljana, Slovenia

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On the Beach in Benin

This striking assemblage of folk art on the beach at Ouidah, Benin illustrates two ever-present themes of the West African experience: the terrible legacy of slavery, and the fact that nothing ever goes to waste. The setting was the annual Voodoo Festival … Continue reading

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Miles and Miles of Mongolia

In response to the question “How was Mongolia?” there is only one adjective that comes to mind, pushing all other qualifiers out of contention: vast. The extent of the vastness can only be appreciated once you leave the capital of Ulaanbaatar and … Continue reading

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A Ride on the Cubamobile

  The question on every traveler’s lips these days is “Have you been to Cuba?” Cuba is hot – tour operators are scrambling to offer it, and long-denied Americans are eager to sign up. I listen with genuine interest to fellow travelers’ reports of visits … Continue reading

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